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We have not even addressed the meat and potatoes of the


Whole Selling, Fix and Flip, Buy and Hold, Commercial, Auctions, Raising Capital, Land Acquisition and so much more...

Theses are for the serious Investors, so ask the person who invited you to this website about the over 12-course tracks, including over 40 strategies. ALL UP TO DATE AND CURRENT TO TODAYS INVESTING NEEDS!

1) Creative Acquisitions

None of your own money or Credit..

2) Real Estate Essentials

Know what you are doing and how to it

3) Real Estate Marketing

Now that you own it what are you going to do with it?

4) Real Estate Red Flags

Not all deals are a gem

5) Tax and Legal Day 1

A full 8 hours of what uncle Sam doesn't want you to know.

6) Tax and Legal Day 2

A full 8 hours of how to protect your assets

7) Deal of the Decade

Another one is around the corner

8) Self Directed IRA

It's YOUR money!

9) Sweep Strategies

Take back control of your finances!

Plus a BONUS Class 


Get help on those mishaps, hick-ups or Big White Lies that show up on your file.

​       Curriculum

The Essentials Courses

The Essentials Course is an Affordable, Efficient, Effective and Convenient  Way of Learning. The Essentials Courses are Designed to Cover The Essential Topics of Real Estate Investing.  

These Courses Teach The Concepts and Mechanisms of Transactions from Acquisition to Exit in a self paced online environment.

Or you can Record on your MP-3 for turning your car into a college on wheels.

For The Small Business Owner The Tax and Legal Strategies in this Course Package is a Must.

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